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Home Design

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Design and New Home Construction

Coastal Home Design Studio is known for its expertise in home design. Designing new home floor plans, elevations, style, material, and color scheme is best done by an experienced designer who considers all of the critical needs of the clients. Lifestyle, age, location and family goals all factor into the design of a new construction project. Room location, bathroom layout, kitchen location, size and flow are critical to a beautiful and congruous living space. years of design expertise, product knowledge, and ability to understand the passions of the client is the key to design excellence when designing a new home.

Design and Home Remodeling

Coastal Home Design works with all budgets to create beautiful living spaces. Home remodels are no exception. Often when clients look to remodel their home they do not know where to start, how to start, or what to do. This creates stress and anxiety. Coastal Home Design Studio brings peace, vision, and confidence to clients looking for the perfect home they have always wanted. No stone is left unturned as The team gets to work redesigning your home. Space planning can include wall or window removal or addition. We are experts at home design and flow. An experienced home designer knows how to make your home a masterpiece. Call 760.726-0036 or contact us today to start designing your next home remodel or new home construction project.