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Suzanne Broyles
January 3, 2017

t brought changes in the way we live, work and play. As designers we found our clients are more focused on their own homes then traveling to destinations that bring them comfort and peace. Staying within budget has become the priority of our clients. With our clients feeling the stress of the economy and unable to take vacations, we have decided to bring the relaxing atmosphere to them they so deserve. While redesigning their homes we bring in aspects of the places they long to be at; sea sides, warm weather, spaces to sit and escape while thinking of nothing except how great they feel in the moment.

Blue is the pulse of the New Year. It brings forth relaxation, vacations, youthfulness and promotes creative identity. It is the color of communication, water, sound and self expression.  It is a vibrant color that can make any space feel more sophisticated with its hues of blues. In a black and white room it can add the feeling you wanted to express without even knowing it.

Along with the color blue, metallics have also been introduced in a glamorous kind of way; it brings forth the charm of old world Hollywood. Lighting, glass and mirrors add to the feeling of luxury and glitz. Metallic’s are found primarily in the bedroom this year, in bed coverings, pillows, window treatments, metallic turquoise, and mixed with yellows and reds.  You only need a little of them but they add to the luxury of the room. Our personal favorite has always been black, white and yellow, an Art Deco look.  It creates a comforting feeling that transcends back to the era of black and white movies.

However, we have recently discovered the beauty in how corals and lavenders are compatible with turquoise, while also adding in deep browns for contrast. It adds softness and makes you feel as if you are in a Colonial Beach House in Cape Cod. Turquoise gives you the opportunity to introduce so many different colors to what was once a blah see of beige.  A great product for this is the recycled glass countertops – they add white, turquoise, greens, browns, reds and many other colors. This is a very green product and a change from the everyday granite.

Also great for this New Year is the trend of geometric shapes and art along with ovals to help pull together a very sophisticated look. It brings forth the fun of the room as well as show off the integrity of the space.

As we were researching the new trends of 2017 and how fashion, travel and design have co-mingled this year we came across a quote by Esther De Waal, “Wealth consists not in having great possession, but in having few wants”. This rings true to how people have changed the way they look at where they are and following what is important to them. Family, Friends and their own home have become their sanctuary for what brings forth in 2017. We believe a person’s drive is based on their abilities to believe. We give our clients something to believe in for the new year with splashes of color to allow  them to relax and enjoy their newly designed home that is full of whites, blacks, neutrals, and of course the ever soothing turquoise.

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